April 19, 2010

All Opinions Are Not Equal: Food Critics

I make money as an advertising writer. And unfortunately, writing is something that anyone can do. And I strictly mean this from a "technical" standpoint. You can hold a pen. You write e-mails. And therefore, many people/companies think they don't need an expert in this field, forgetting that it's not just words that inspire action, but the right ones. Likewise, those who eat 3 meals a day too often fancy themselves as food critics. You're not. Just like watching movies doesn't make you a film critic, and just like driving a car doesn't help you understand what's under the hood. So, don't pretend to be one. Stop recommending chain restaurants. Stop trying to have an opinion. Just say, I'm easily satisfied, and I like pretty much everything. Because that's ok, it just doesn't help the rest of us discover our next local "find".