November 3, 2008

Adjustable Brake Lights

Ever been driving behind someone on the highway, and you see their brake lights go on? So you lay off the gas a bit to slow down, and then...AH! They're actually braking to a stop on the highway??! So, you slam on the brakes and sort of steer the nose of your car toward the shoulder as you whiplash yourself to a stop 6 in. from their bumper, because you didn't see the traffic jam ahead. Bright brake lights can mean anything, so we make our best guess subconsciously based on where we are. Coming up to a red light? Yeah, they're probably stopping. On the highway? They're probably just slowing down for some reason I can't see. Let's end the guessing game, and create adjustable brake lights that adjust intensity based on the amount of force given to the brake pedal. That way, we'll know for sure. And have less accidents because of it. (idea submitted by frequent contributor, Matt)