July 31, 2009

A Tenth of What You See

My wife and I are tithers. We give away 10% of our paychecks split between our local church and charities of our choosing. However, my wife's paycheck comes to us after having taxes withheld from it, and mine (as a freelance writer) comes to us before we pay any taxes on it. So, this new work situation for me has made us question if we're being slightly generous now, or if we've been big cheapskates in the past? On a tithing side note, I recently read an interesting article from a Christian financial planner. He talked about how you see televangelists talk all the time about giving your money away so that God can give it back to you and then some. He disagrees God makes that claim in scripture. But, he does recommend the practice of tithing to his non-believing clients, too, claiming that his clients who tithe run into financial problems less often. Except he attributes it to the fact that those who tithe are acutely aware of their budget, and therefore are more able to stay within it.