December 11, 2006

A Convenient Platform

So, I watched Al Gore's biopic, "An Inconvenient Truth" this weekend. What the heck were with the flashbacks to Gore's life throughout the film that had nothing to do with the science being promoted? Anyway, if I read between the lines right, the movie's point was that tree frogs TRUMP tree beetles, and that polar bears TRUMP humans. When asked about the economic downfalls of America signing progressive emissions legislation, Gore answers the question by saying "Actually, it would increase jobs, because we have to remember that doing the right thing is always a step forward." Ok, but, you're not a muppet and I'm not a 6 year old watching Sesame Street, so that answer doesn't appease me. The film did indeed open my mind to the fact that the tripling of the population in the last 45 years has indeed skyrocketed CO2 rates and IS a problem, but the film almost made it seem like the world is already working extremely hard to produce cleaner energy, so it didn't make me want to vote for Al Gore in order to get it done, which is clearly what the film is about.