September 4, 2007

A Beautiful Story

So, let's say there's an older lady living a neighborhood. Her dog Baxter gets hit by a car and needs a hip replacement or else they'll have to put him to sleep. She's mortified at the thought of losing Baxter, but she just doesn't have the money to pay for the operation. Her neighbor hears the story, knows how much Baxter means to her, and decides to put up the money himself. She is forever grateful. A beautiful story, no? So, political logic will tell you that the resources of the federal government can make this beautiful story a reality for the entire populace. Instead of having to rely on a good-conscience neighbor, anyone in this situation can rest assured that the government will take care of Baxter. But, what we lose under this approach is the incentive to befriend your neighbor, the gratitude created from witnessing a willing man's heart, and the friendship/community that is formed/strengthened. What say you?