July 11, 2007

5-4 Decisions

So, the new Supreme Court led by Chief Justice John Roberts has had a lot of 5-4 decisions lately, signifying that this Court is conservative-leaning. A guy at work told me that he hated all of these decisions lately. I asked him whether he just hated the result or the logic and judicial reasoning behind the decision as well. He replied, "aren't they one in the same?" My contention is no. Frankly, I would be elated if a Supreme Court justice in his majority opinion said, "Man, I really hate this outcome. But, the law is crystal clear on this. So, I have to judge it this way. But, I suggest our congressmen and women look into this and see if a new law needs to be created." I would make that person king. Oh wait, if they're already on the Court, they kind of are?