December 8, 2010

Musical Orgasms

For the next week, I will be on vacation in Cleveland*
* Name of actual location changed to prevent resentment

Here's a thought to tide you over until I return. I am beginning to think that music is nowhere close to its peak. Whereas food has nearly gotten there.

Until you've had a really exquisite gourmet meal or flavor combination, you might love food. But with that single bite of flavor orgasm, your life has been changed. Food is much more than food from now on. It has the potential to be magic.

And I don't think music has gotten there yet. I think music is simply great, but that we are too easily pleased.

I want to create musical orgasms. And I'm convinced it's possible. Watch out.

December 6, 2010

Truth Telling or Treason?

I've been respectfully following the work of Julian Assange's WikiLeaks for close to a year now.

When his recent mass release of state secrets this past week received worldwide interest, I was terribly disappointed to see the public accepting the Federal Government's call for Assange's deeds as "treason".

Are you kidding me? Someone exposes the deception and corruption and duplicity of U.S. foreign policy, and he's the traitor?

If you accept the Federal response to Assange's acts, I plead for you to start developing a healthier distrust in the Federal Government.

December 3, 2010

All Quarterbacks Should be Black

I think Michael Vick is the evolution of football.

Now, I'm not saying that a white guy can't do what Michael Vick does. I'm saying that based on sheer genetic odds, the racial demographic of quarterbacks in the NFL in 10 years will probably be 75% black.

Because the fastest man in the world will always be black. And teams are realizing the benefits of the fastest man on the football field being the quarterback.

December 2, 2010

Tempted to Go Cable-Less

I can buy a Roku XD device for a one-time fee of $79 to stream HD content to my TV.

If I buy a Hulu Plus subscription for $7.99 a month and a Netflix streaming-only subscription for $7.99 a month, my monthly bill will be like $60 less than it currently is, I gain access to TONS of content, and infinite movies, and I only lose ESPN. Is that about it?

December 1, 2010

What Can You Do A Lot Better Than Everyone?

Let's stay one more day on yesterday's topic. That children don't just need "college" to be assured of a great career anymore, but that they need a specialized skill-set.

I have a friend who doesn't like his job. He called me the other day to talk about his entrepreneurial ideas, knowing that I share my own. The two ideas he pitched to me were to start up either a:

1) Used Car Dealership
2) Breakfast Restaurant

With everything in my soul, I worked to dissuade him from both.

Here's the problem. Smart people like us think that we'd be good at anything. And we're mostly right. But being "good" isn't enough anymore. My friend is smart, talented and capable. But, that only takes you so far in a super-saturated marketplace overcrowded with failing breakfast restaurants and used car dealerships.

What makes a great (profitable) breakfast place? Either unbelievable food or unbelievable prices. Well, my friend is not a chef, and since food obviously isn't a passion for him, he's going to hate having to work so hard just trying to pay the bills. Maybe if he had some great idea to re-think breakfast altogether? But, coming way late to market in a town with slightly better service than your competitors? You don't have a chance.

Opening up a franchise is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Figuring out what you're better at than anyone else, or becoming great at something that NO one else is good at yet - now that's closer.

November 30, 2010

Expectations for College

My next question along the lines of "expectations" is in regards to college. And I'd like your help.

Because children are expected to go to college if they want to get a good job one day. So, in their minds, college = good job. Obviously, that's changing as the new economy breaks that reality. But, that idea was never real to begin with.

College does not = good job. Comparative advantage = good job. If you had a higher learning degree in the past, you were in a minority of the labor force more likely to do good work. But if one day, everyone has a college degree, who do you choose?

That's why the political promise of giving every kid a college education means nothing to me. Oh good, we have 2 million new English majors? That's going to help a lot.

Let's change the next generation's expectations of how you can have a great job growing up. I'm leaning toward the idea of "specialization" within a broader market, and being one of the best within it.

Because it's either being specialized, or being cheapest. And the second one sucks.

November 24, 2010

Expectations for Divorce

We touched on the idea of "expectations" nearly three years ago after I read the book, "It Takes a Family" by former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. Yeah, I know. You probably don't like the guy.

But, the book was incredibly thought provoking for me at the time - providing statistical evidence for the idea that children will become what they're expected to be. That idea continues to shape me. And I see evidence of it everywhere. For instance, yesterday, I sought out statistics to see if children of divorce parents have a greater likelihood of divorce.

They do. By 40%. Partially because of how their parent's experience has influenced their expectations of marriage.

More on expectations next time. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2010

Gate Raped by the TSA: News in Song

At the beginning of this year, I launched The idea for the site was to be a quick, aggregate news source for the ADD generation. Through one quick video/song each week, you'd be caught up with the big headlines from around the world - in a musically entertaining way.

It made more sense via description than it actually panned out. It was hard to create a single song while tying in 7 or more news stories each week - especially trying to do so in a humorous way. Not to mention it was incredibly laborious assembling the video clips. So the last few months, I've been trying something else. Take one news story. As it happens. And put together a quick song about it. Focusing on a single story lets me poke fun at it from a few different angles, while hopefully revealing some actual insights at the same time. Very similar to what I did for

This was yesterday's song. Let me know if you like this new approach. And if so, you can catch up and follow upcoming news story-songs at

November 22, 2010

I’m Not Going to Tell You About My Upcoming Vacation

You ever tell someone you're going on vacation, and they immediately respond with, "You deserve it."

It's not until they say that, that I start fearing I don't.

November 19, 2010

Cosmo’s 30 Tips for Pleasing Your Man

I've never read a Cosmo magazine before. My only interaction with them is when standing in the line at the grocery store. But, their headlines have always confused me.

The idea of women being so fanatical about sexually pleasing their unsatisfied husbands that they need to learn 30 new tips a month to keep the spark alive just seemed incredulous to me?

But, then I wondered if I was assuming an incorrect demographic for this magazine's readership. And after looking it up, I was. Cosmo's biggest readership age (double any other group) was 18-24.

These are single women. Trying to get a guy. Under the delusion that by utilizing these 30 tips, they'll convince their boyfriend or date that they're worth the commitment.