February 9, 2011

❤ Donate Blood. Save YOUR Life

Tim Ferris' 4-Hour Body has received a lot of press lately. Earned because of his prior revolutionary book the 4-Hour Workweek.

And although these titles may make Ferris sound like the world's laziest man, he's actually an obsessive compulsive about data. While many of his findings on exercise, weight loss and the female orgasm are receiving most of the publicity, he made one passing comment in an interview that should be a huge marketing game changer.

He talked about how good the regular process of giving blood is for your body - specifically in terms of lowering your risks for heart disease.

The long-time Red Cross slogan of "Donate Blood. Save a Life." depends solely on altruism. From a marketing standpoint, do you know what's a more compelling call-to-action than altruism? Anything else.

Donate Blood. Save Your Life. Now that makes me want to sign up.