February 8, 2011

★ What Super Bowl Ads Can Teach Us About Ads

(Note: I only included the ★ in the Title to see how it looks in Reader. Anyone who subscribes via RSS find this compelling? misleading? annoying?)

I should have blogged about Super Bowl ads yesterday. But it took me a couple days to think this one through. Why don't advertisers make all of their ads like they're being shown at the Super Bowl? Why is it ok to be boring if less people are watching? "Guys, this is the Super Bowl. We can't do the usual boring crap that no one cares about. Let's actually try to be entertaining."

Here's the ironic part of this mindset. The Super Bowl is the ONE time of year that you actually have people engaged in your ads. (Perhaps more so than the game if you happen to be my wife.) You could afford to be LESS compelling in the Super Bowl if you wanted to. As long as your message is awesome. And yet, you know that funny wins. It sticks. It works.

Pretend that every day is the Super Bowl. Be funny. Be engaging. Entertain us with your pitch. To the point where we remember it.