April 16, 2007

Body Worlds 2

So, I went and saw Body Worlds 2 at the Museum of Science and Industry this weekend. Very cool stuff. Along with the muscular skinless, they also showed plastinates (real, preserved human specimens) of the fetus at different stages as well throughout the first 8 weeks of its life. By week 8, as small as it was, it looked like a real person. You could make out all the features, including fingers and toes, etc. My first reaction was, "If people knew that a fetus looked like this at 8 weeks, then there probably wouldn't be a green light on abortion through the 13th week (1st trimester)." But, then I realized that I don't really know if that's the reason why abortion is legal through the 1st trimester. Is it if she's not showing, it's not real? Is it a safer procedure for the mother? What was the thought behind this legislation? Anyone?

April 13, 2007

E-Ching on the Economy:

"We must help those who cannot help themselves. For those who can, we must create an environment in which the incentive is there to do so."

April 12, 2007

Poisoned Halloween Candy

So, everyone remembers hearing this story growing up. There's thousands of sick men sticking razor blades in apples and pouring cyanide on halloween candy. Seemed believable enough. Why? Because it's shocking and memorable. Those types of stories tend to "stick." Just like conspiracy theories, old wive's tales, etc. They're simple and they get passed around. So, let's make up some "sticky" lies to subconsciously regulate our children's behavior. For example: There was a 12-year old boy who wanted to try smoking for the first time. Well, when you're a kid, your saliva has an excess amount of a particular growth hormone chemical in it that happens to be flammable. The child put the cigarette in his mouth, and he instantly erupted into flames. It'll make your kid think twice before lighting up. Looks like lying is the answer after all.

April 11, 2007

Dear Fellow Democrat

I received a form letter in the mail from Howard Dean yesterday, courtesy of the DNC. They obtained my information last year when I e-mailed them to suggest they use Ben Harper's song, "Better Way" for their elections last year. They must have assumed I was a registered Democrat. I just really dug the song. Here's an excerpt taken verbatum from the letter. "I'm asking for your financial help today because we Democrats must join together to get America back on track... to fix the mess created by George W. Bush and his Republican cronies in Congress." Maybe it's statements like this that cause the funding to come pouring in, but it's these very statements that make me hate the political game we're playing in this country. Cronie-ism is bi-partisan. Man is fallen. Sell me on your ideas, not the fact that the current guy sucks.

April 10, 2007

Cast Star Wars Today

So, I had never seen the newer three Star Wars movies until the last few weeks. Those were some of the most thought-provoking, political films I have ever seen. I thought they were absolutely brilliant. Describing the downsides of a democracy, the unquestioned motives of peace, and the consequences of attachment were absolutely insightful. So, now, my question I pose to you is: If you had to recast the main groups of Star Wars today using real people, groups, politicians and religious leaders of today, how would you cast the film? I am convinced that depending on one's personal political outlook, and current culture, that different people will see different groups as the "good" and "evil" of today.

April 9, 2007

Calling All Breastfed Decathaletes

My new Oedipan-based theory stems from two events that occurred this past weekend. One, I was in a sporting goods store where I saw those little stress-relief balls. The next ten seconds of squishing that little red ball around in my hand were the best 10-seconds of my day. Combine that incident with Friday afternoon when I was visiting my wife at work and saw a little two-year old boy's eyes widen with delight at seeing a large rack of medicine and training balls that he could bounce around. So, here's the thought. Why are men obsessed with spheres? And the concluding thought, is there a correlation between boys who are breastfed and their athletic prowess later in life?

April 5, 2007

A Vote For Charisma

Politicians can't stand for 20 things, or for 3 things. It gets too confusing for the populace, and also gives the populace additional reasons to find something they don't like about the candidate. That's why when Bill Clinton was running for President, his campaign advisor, James Carville, made him focus on the economy. He had opinions on other issues, and you could find those out if you wanted. But, whenever Bill wanted to highlight those, Carville made him stay focused on one thing - the economy. Republicans typically run on one of two things, lower taxes or moral higher ground. I don't think the second one's going to work too much any more - for either party in fact. I think our politicians have done a pretty good job reminding us that the human condition rests the same on all men, regardless of party line. Hilary's running on national health care. Al Gore would be running on global warming. Bush was re-elected based on national defense. And now it's Obama's turn to choose. Right now, he's running on eloquence. It's not that he's a John Kerry and doesn't really know what to say. He has a lot of ideas, and says them often. But, he's going to have to pick one or else the populace will do it for him.

April 4, 2007

Don’t Tempt Me, Twenties

So, I'm at the Walgreens this morning by my work and there's a guy inside working on the ATM machine. He's got a nice van, possibly armored, outside in the parking lot. As I'm about to leave, I see that he's kneeling on the ground trying to fix some tray in the machine, and there are thousands of dollars in petty cash lying on the ground right in front of the exit door. Now, he's an old man, kneeling on the ground, not noticeably armed. I don't have much of a propensity for theft, but my goodness, I've never witnessed an easier opportunity in my life. This is why even the best of men should not be given absolute power. Thank you John Adams.

April 3, 2007

What Kills Curiosity

Last time I was on a flight, a child sitting in front of me kept asking his mother questions about how the plane worked. What are those things? The wings. What do they do? etc. And his mother was much more patient than I would have been, being very kind and trying to oblige his questions as much his possible. In fact, I learned some interesting things about aviation from that boy's mother, who knows if she was making it up or not. But, eventually, she grew tired of humoring his queries, and eventually said, "Don't worry honey. Nothing bad will happen to you." What happens to the curiosity of children? Many of us have stopped asking questions, even to things it's essential we have answers to. Is it because we grew tired of not getting real answers? Or do we simply answer questions to make us feel better like our mothers often resorted to. What happens when I die? "Don't worry honey. Nothing bad will happen to you."

April 2, 2007

“I Huffed So Much Glue This Weekend”

"I went out on Friday night with some guys and we went through like 2 fun-packs of Elmers, and then Saturday night, like 3 of them. It was crazy. You mix some gatorade with it, you can't even smell it." So, what if I brought this story to the typical workplace Monday morning conversation? For some reason, it's socially acceptable to talk about how trashed you got over the weekend, including specifics on what you drank and how much of it. But, if I were to bring up how I stopped by the craft store on Friday night in order to get my glue on, people would think I had a problem, and rightly so. But, if it's causing the same relative effect, cognitive drowning, then why is this so different?