May 30, 2018

How to De-stress at the Weekend When You’re Addicted to your Career

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When you work all the time, you may feel as though your job is your life and that there is nothing that you can do about it. The truth is that this is not the case at all, and it is more than possible for you to still live your life without having to worry about whether or not you are meeting those deadlines or even without having to spend time trying to reply to emails.
Do Yoga
It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert or whether you have never tried yoga before because it really is fantastic if you need to de-stress and it can also help you to regulate your blood pressure as well. When you are able to do this, you can really boost your immune system, so that’s another huge benefit. Yoga can also be done for as long or as little as you want, so get out there, buy a mat and then find somewhere in your local area that does classes. If you don’t want to do it in front of everyone then you can try it out in your living room, as this is a great way for you to really unwind.
Sweat it Out
If yoga is not your thing and you want to do something a bit more active then try and break a sweat by playing a sport or even by running. You can go on a run in the morning or you can play a game of football, basketball or anything else of the sort. When you are constantly thinking about your career, you may find it difficult to sit there and just do nothing, and that is why sports are a great way for you to take your mind off everything.
Play Golf
Another thing that you can do is try your hand at golf. Joining a golf club is a great way for you to do this and you can also borrow some of their clubs until you have your very own. Of course, golf really does require a lot of concentration, so by playing it at the weekend, you can really help to take some of your focus away from the stress of work, your business and anything else that may be bothering you. The great thing about golf is that it can be played on your own or you can easily play it with a huge group of people, not to mention that if you have never played before, there are so many beginner classes out there.
Try Something New
You don’t just have to limit yourself to sports if you don’t want, you can easily try and learn how to cook and you can also try a new recipe. You can do this on your own if you want some “you” time or you can easily invite someone over to try and make the dish with you. This is a great way for you to really make the most out of the time that you have and you can really feel accomplished after as well.

May 28, 2018

5 Things That Can Derail Your Business Venture

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Everybody begins their new company with the best of intentions. They have a good idea, and the energy and enthusiasm to work hard and make it a success. This, of course, is a great start that will serve them well, but business is pretty complicated. You need more than a few good ingredients to make things work! And sometimes, all it takes one thing to go wrong to bring everything down. Below, we take a look at a few things that could derail your company’s path towards success. 
One Bad Staff Member
Your staff are hugely important to the overall success of your business. After all, they’re the ones who are doing the bulk of the work. If they’re delivering good work, then things go well; if they’re not, then they don’t. If you’ve put any thought into your hiring process, then you’ll likely hire more good employees than bad ones, but sometimes this isn’t even enough. Beware the bad employee, because as well as failing to do what you expect of them, they can also bring down the morale of your office down (prompting good employees to leave) and turn customers against your business. If someone seems poisonous, get rid of them as soon as possible.
An Honest Mistake
There’s a lot to take care of when you’re running a business. And sometimes, this will feel like too many tasks! In the midst of trying to get everything done, it’s easy for one or two key details to be overlooked. Alas, it could be possible that overlooking these details may be a criminal offence. Though it was just a slip of the mind, you may need a criminal lawyer to help defend your name against the charges. All the while the investigation and defence are happening, you may find that you’re unable to give your business growth as much thought and energy as you’d like.
Changing Tides
Twenty years ago, Blockbuster was king. And now where are they? You might have a killer business idea, but just because it’s working today that doesn’t mean it’ll work in ten years time. It might not even work in one years time! So keep an eye on any fundamental changes in the world. If you’re able to adapt and grow alongside these changes, then great. If you’re not, then you might find that you’re facing trouble in the years to come.
Growing Too Fast
You might think that any growth was good, but this is wrong. There is such a thing as growing too fast! Though you might like the numbers that you see, if you’re not able to keep up with the rate of growth then you’ll be likely to fold due to the excess strain. Keep things slow and steady until your accountant says you’re ready to expand.
Cash on Demand
Finally, figure out that cash! Poor cash-flow can be a death knell for companies, so make sure you’ve always got plenty of cash in reserve - you won’t like life without it!

May 25, 2018

Travel the World a Little Differently With These Boss Tips

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Travel is so wonderful and something everyone should indulge in at some point in their lives. In fact, if you can travel as frequently and regularly as possible, it’s really going to help benefit you. Experiencing new things helps you open your mind and learn more about the world and how it works. If you want the best possible travel experience, you need to plan it in advance and look at how you can do things differently.
Traveling the world a little differently gives you fresh perspective, and allows you to see and experience things in a way that is very different to what you might be used to. Vacations are vital for recharging the batteries and boosting your mental health. So, this year, why not look at doing it a bit differently, with these cool ideas for traveling with a difference.
By Sea (but Private)
When you think of going traveling by sea, you probably imagine a ferry boat or a cruise. Well, how about your own boat?! Unattainable, you probably think, but is it?! So many of us aspire to own our own boat; it is, after all, the height of luxury. However, it is very unlikely that any of us would be able to buy a boat outright, even if we earn good money. So, this is where boat loans come into play. Yes, it’s precisely as it sounds, a loan to help you buy a boat. Taking to the ocean and gliding across the waves on your travels is going to feel so much more magnificent if you can do it in your own boat!
By Air (but not How You Think)
Instead of getting into a plane, or even a chopper, why not consider a hot air balloon?! Okay, so you’re not going to fly from Oregon to Kenya in a hot air balloon, but, there are certain countries where you can take to the air in a hot air balloon and have an experience this way. The best way to do this would be to take a hot air balloon safari in Botswana, or a similar country. This is a unique and wonderful way of enjoying one of the greatest experiences on Earth. Think about how much more you will see by balloon, and how wonderful it will feel to do something that little bit different. 
By Land (on Foot)
Getting away from it all is great for clearing your head, and this is why so many people choose to take regular vacations. Now, if you want a travel experience with a difference you might like to consider going on foot. Of course, you’ll need different methods of transport to get you around from country to country, but doing much of your journey in specific places on foot (where possible) is actually a great idea, especially when you’re backpacking. This will give you a really wonderful experience, and help you to understand much of what is so magical about many of the areas of the world. This is why you need to explore on foot, and really get a proper feel for how the world can be up close and personal.
These are just a few of the great suggestions you can use to help you travel the world in style. These boss tips are really going to help you experience the world differently, and get a lot more out of your travels than you likely would otherwise.

May 22, 2018

Could A New Hobby Help You Get More Out Of Life?

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The average person spends around 37 hours per week at work. For some of us, our day job fulfills all our needs, but many of us turn to hobbies to get more out of life. If you’re keen to work hard and play hard, taking up new activities and meeting new people can help you to achieve a better work-life balance, indulge your passions and broaden your horizons. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some fantastic hobbies to take up.
Adrenaline rush
If your day job is more mundane than action-packed, you may be craving a rush of adrenaline. If you love the feeling of testing or pushing yourself or you have a need for speed, why not indulge your inner adventurer and take up sports like canyoning, climbing, rally driving, abseiling or off-roading? You can find all the parts you’ll ever need for an off-road jaunt at and you can locate local climbing, canyoning and abseiling clubs online. Even if you don’t have a huge amount of spare time available for hobbies, spending an hour or so at the weekends doing something that makes you feel alive could make all the difference to your happiness and mental wellbeing. You can also develop and hone your skills as you gain more experience, and you may also find that you form new friendships and explore new territories along the way.
Does your job stress you out or do you find it hard to switch off and relax? If so, why not try out an activity that is proven to reduce stress and help you feel calm? You could take up yoga or Pilates, embrace the art of meditation or hone your horticultural skills. Many people find walking relaxing and fishing is another popular option for those hoping to escape the noise and enjoy some peace and alone time. Stress is a very common issue in today’s society. Taking a little time out to do something that helps you retain composure and clear your mind could help you to combat stress and make you feel happier and more content.
If you’re a creative person, but your job doesn’t give you an opportunity to showcase your talents or use your imagination, don’t let your creativity go to waste. Spend your spare time drawing, painting, writing, playing music or doing arts and crafts. Studies show that creative activities can be incredibly beneficial for tackling stress and they’re also really fun. For more information about the benefits of using your creativity, check out this interesting article You can be creative at home, or you could look into joining a local art class or using your talents to entertain others, for example, taking part in poetry readings or giving live music performances at bars or events.
Many of us enjoy work, but it doesn’t always give us everything we need. When you have spare time, it’s wise to make the most of it and indulge your interests and passions. If you’d love to spend more time celebrating your creativity, you live for an adrenaline rush, or you crave tranquility and calm, why not try these hobbies for size?

May 22, 2018

Look After Yourself Better From Day to Day With These Tips

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Are you sure that you’re looking after yourself in the correct and proper way? If you’re not, you should definitely start to think about what you should be doing differently. Taking those first steps towards change in your approach to day to day life can be pretty difficult, especially if you’re not prepared for it and don’t really know where to start. You don’t want to be thrown in at the deep end, but at the same time, you don’t want to cling onto unhealthy habits for a second longer.
We’re going to help you understand what you should do to lead a more healthy and positive life from one day to the next. It’s all about achieving balance, working on your mental health and looking after your body in simple and sensible ways. There really isn’t anything particular complicated about any of this, so there is no need at all for you to feel either daunted or overwhelmed. Read on now to learn more about all this.
Start the Day With a Nutritious Breakfast
The way in which you start your day will have a big impact on how your day is experienced from then on out. If you don’t start it with some healthy and fulfilling food, your hunger will distract you and you’ll be burnt out before lunch. If you eat too much or choose unhealthy and sugary foods, you will get a short burst of energy before crashing back down to earth pretty hard. So try to get that breakfast balance right and start your day on the right note.
Note Things Down
You will find it much easier to keep your thoughts neat and organised if you get into the habit of noting things down. It’s not just a case of making notes so that you don’t forget things. For example, you might want to keep a journal so you can make sure that you articulate your thoughts properly each day. It’s a very useful and healthy form of expressions, so why not embrace it?
Challenge Your Mind
If your mind is never really challenged or put to the test, how will you keep learning new things and expanding your horizons? Challenging yourself is something you should try to do regularly because when your brain is put to the test regularly, it becomes healthier and more powerful. Train your mind so that you can do more and achieve more. But don’t just let it sit there and do nothing. 
Take the Healthy Route Rather Than the Easy One
Your health will steadily improve if you get into the habit of taking the healthy route rather than the easy one. We live in a culture of convenience, and that means we often have options that allow us to take the easy way out of things. Rather than walking to the shop and getting fresh air and exercise, we get in the car. Even things as simple as walking up some stairs can be avoided by getting the lift or the escalator. Try to reject convenience in your day to day life.
Stay in Touch With Friends and Get Back in Touch With Old Ones
The social aspect of your health is something that definitely should not be ignored or overlooked at all. It’s what allows you to stay healthy and balanced in life. Without a good social life, it’s very easy to experience more mental health problems. You can start to feel anxious and isolated, and that’s never a good thing. That’s why you should do more to stay in touch with them and also to get back in touch with old friends you’ll lost contact with.
Keeping Learning and Trying New Things
There are so many new opportunities and ideas out there for you to try out for yourself. It’s definitely something that you should be looking into if you're serious about wanting to look after yourself better. Your mental health improves when you feel free enough to try new things and go in new directions in life. You might always want to try new health and fitness methods to improve your physical condition. Things like Dr Wallach products could help you achieve the balance you want. Don’t be closed off to new things.
Take a Break From Tech
Sometimes, you just have to shut off the technology and allow your mind the chance to relax. The constant demand for our attention can be really exhausting. But by putting down the smartphone and not putting on the TV, you will have the chance to relax in a much more sociable and focused way. Try to take more of these breaks for social media and tech if you possibly can.
Make the Most of Your Time Off Work
Whenever you have time away from work, you should try your best to make the most of that time. It’s valuable and it allows you the chance to do the things that make you feel happy and contented. Don’t fritter away those free days doing nothing at all because great thing will be achieved when you focus on doing what you want to do.
Try to Get More Sleep
Finally, you should think about how your sleeping patterns could be affecting your emotions, efficiency and alertness during the day. If you're not getting enough sleep that your body needs, all of those things and many more will suffer. That’s what you should be trying your best to avoid because no one wants to be failing at work or running out of energy in the afternoon just because they’re not sleeping as much as they should. It’s something to work on at least.
Looking after yourself is not simply about spending hours in the gym and eating your greens. Both of those things can be helpful to some people, and that’s great. But there is so much else besides that has to go into making yourself healthy and happy. And it all comes down to what you do day to day,

May 18, 2018

What Are The Consequences Of Being Convicted Of A Felony?

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As US law states, the more serious the crime, the more severe the punishment. However, while that tells you how the legal system is staggered in terms of how felons are expected to pay for crimes they commit, it does not tell you what the consequences of committing a felony means. Smaller crimes are called misdemeanors, and these are much less serious than felonies, and so have much less serious consequences; usually, they result in a fine and no further action. 
However, being convicted of a felony is much more serious and can result in many long-term issues in terms of your career and lifestyle, not to mention the fact a felony, depending on the grade, may result in jail time. Of course, it’s advised that to prevent these kinds of issues occurring; you should aim to avoid committing a felony. However, if you’ve already committed a felony, then you may be wondering what the consequences will be and just how serious the ramifications will be for you.
What are the possible punishments for a felony?
When it comes to dealing with felonies, it’s important to understand that the exact punishment will depend on the state that you live in. The fact is that every state has its own methods of managing felonies, and so the consequences change from state to state. However, usually, felony crimes are considered to be more serious and include things such as murder, rape, arson, assault, and theft. 
In most states, crimes lesser than these are punished with fines and community service rather than jail time. Of course, felonies are ranked from A to E with A being the most serious and E being the least serious. Class A felonies can earn you life without parole or any other long period of time. While a class B through to class D felony can carry a maximum penalty of six to 25 years in jail, and class E comes with a penalty of up to 3 years in jail. 
It’s important to understand that it isn’t rare for a felony to include both prison time and a fine. You may also be made to legally compensate the victim or the family of the victim as part of your punishment and rehabilitation. 
Can you appeal a felony conviction? 
If you are faced with a felony conviction that you believe is not a fair one, or there’s reason to believe that you are innocent, then you do have the opportunity to appeal to a higher court. However, that being said, appealing a criminal conviction is something that can be very difficult to do, and something that you will need a lot of hard evidence and a very good legal team for. That being said, it can be successfully done. 
It’s important to understand that if you choose to appeal your sentence, then your defense attorney will need to be able to show that a mistake has been made somewhere in terms of your case and the evidence that supports it. If you aren’t happy with the felony charge that you have received and believe it hasn’t been given fairly, then talking to an expert in criminal defense law is highly recommended.
Can your conviction be expunged? 
When you are convicted of a felony, regardless of what grade felony, it will remain on your record forever. This means that it can have long-term consequences, such as preventing you from working in certain sectors, such as working with children. It can also limit your employment opportunities as very few companies are keen to take on people who have felonies on their records. 
Of course, this does depend on the type of felony that you were convicted of - lesser crimes tend to offer more in terms of career opportunities because of their less severe nature. However, because a felony remains on your record forever, this is why some people seek to have it expunged so that it is removed completely. 
What is expungement? This is when your criminal record is destroyed completely, which makes it as if the crime never happened. However, when it comes to the process of expungement, it’s important to understand that there are some very strict rules in place regarding who can and cannot be expunged. These rules are set out by the state, and each state has rules that differ slightly, meaning that getting expunged changes from state to state. In some states no one with a felony on their record can be expunged, in other only non-violent felonies can be expunged. 
For anyone looking to get their records expunged, it’s important to consult with a specialist criminal lawyer who is familiar with the process that needs to be undertaken to get the wheels in motion. However, it’s important to understand that when it comes to expungement, there is never any guarantee of success. You can attempt to get expunged, and with a very good lawyer you may well succeed, but there’s never any guarantee of success. It very much depends on a wide range of variable, from the crime you committed and your attorney to the state you are in and the judge’s temperament. 
The truth is that being accused of committing a felony can be completely life-altering. Being convicted with a crime that comes with a felony is serious and can have life-long implications, making it much more difficult for you to lead a normal life. Career opportunities become vastly limited, and there’s also a risk that you won’t be able to work with children or even care for children, including your own children. You could also face jail time, which can be anything from a few months to life without parole.
Felonies are serious, and it’s important to understand that. While you may have the opportunity to apply for your conviction to be overturned or your record to be wiped clean, that doesn’t mean that these things will happen. Unless, of course, you have adequate evidence to prove that you are innocent or that some of the important evidence was not taken into account when you were tried for your crimes. 

May 15, 2018

3 Reasons You Should Claim Compensation After an Accident

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An accident is a costly, frustrating and often painful experience and yet many people would rather not claim the compensation they deserve. Often this is because they don’t want any more trouble or because they are simply too wrung out from the accident itself. Plus, it can be daunting to claim money from someone else, even if they are at fault. 
However, claiming compensation shouldn’t be too difficult that it puts you off. In fact, with the help of a lawyer, you shouldn't have to worry about any aspect of claiming compensation because you will be in safe hands. You can see this attorney for details but in the meantime, if you need more persuading, here are 3 reasons to think about.
You Will Need to Cover Medical Costs
Whether you are recovering from a serious accident or you have had a lucky escape, it is very unlikely that you won't have any medical bills to cover. For one thing, you will need to be checked over by the doctor to make sure that you don’t have any unseen issues. In some cases, medical bills can far exceed anything you could imagine and make life very difficult, even after your recovery. 
The purpose of compensation is often to cover the medical costs you have to ensure that you are not forced to use your hard earned savings or take out an unaffordable loan just for the sake of your health. It is incredibly unfair for you to have to pay for treatment for injuries sustained when the accident was not your fault, so you should certainly consider compensation if only for this purpose.
You Will Need to Cover Loss of Income
There aren’t many jobs that will give you fully paid sick leave for an extended period of time and if you are one of the many, you may struggle to pay for your basic needs if you can’t earn while you recover. Compensation should also be used to allow you the time you need away from work to get fully better after the accident.
Though you might assume that a lawyer will be too expensive, the best lawyers will normally take a small percentage of the winnings rather than charge you before going to court. This way, you won’t need to worry about paying for their services at exactly the time you need them most.
You May Be Able to Set an Example
Sometimes, seeking compensation isn’t just about getting the money you need to cover your costs, but about setting an example to others in the jurisdiction. Some accidents, such as drink driving accidents, can have catastrophic results and so claiming compensation - and winning it - can act as a deterrent for others. 
Claiming compensation might feel a bit scary but the alternative - not being able to pay for your recovery or even basic needs - is much scarier. With the help of a good lawyer, you should be able to secure the money you need to survive and continue with your life. 

May 12, 2018

Best Films of 2017

Finally ready to call my Best Films of 2017. No completely "wow" films for me yet again this year. Crossing my fingers for 2018.

Three Billboards
The Shape of Water

Disaster Artist
Oklahoma City
Brigsby Bear
Molly’s Game
I, Tonya
Last Flag Flying
Call Me By Your Name
The Killing of a Secret Deer
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Father Figures
The Polka King
Phantom Thread
The Greatest Showman
Wizard of Lies
Jim & Andy
Baby Driver
Ingrid Goes West

Logan Lucky
Nobody Speak
The Big Sick
Get Out
Wonder Wheel
The Florida Project
Brad’s Status
Battle of the Sexes
An Inconvenient Sequel
The Lego Batman Movie
Blair Witch
I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore
A Ghost Story
Personal Shopper
Dark Night
The Shack

Meyerowitz Stories
The Post
Wonder Woman
The Little Hours
Case for Christ

May 12, 2018

Drunk Driving: Myths & Realities

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Alcohol has an important role to play in culture. There’s no harm in the occasional glass of your preferred tipple, and few people would seek to demonize the enjoyment of alcohol in moderation. 
However, there is a scenario in which alcohol goes from being that friendly, sociable beverage to a genuine threat to life. When people who have been drinking sit behind the wheel of a vehicle, disaster looms large in the distance. Below, we’ll delve into the facts behind drunk driving and answer some of the most common questions people have regarding the subject… 
How big of an issue is drunk driving?
Drunk driving is a real problem throughout the world, but the statistics close to home are particularly concerning. Here’s a glimpse at the facts that indicate the sheer scale of the problem…
  • In 2016 (the most recent year for numbers from the CDC), nearly 10,000 people died as a result of an accident where alcohol was a significant factor.
  • This accounts for 28% of all traffic-related deaths.
  • The figures above are the cases where people were proven to be drunk driving, and for this decision to have horrific and fatal consequences. However, self-reported drunk driving incidents are far, far higher than the total number involved in collisions. Over 100 million people have self-reported driving while under the influence and it going undetected.
  • Nearly a third of all drivers who are convicted for drunk driving are repeat offenders. 
Why do drunk drivers always survive a crash but kill other people? 
This is a common theory. We have all heard stories about how a drunk driver has killed someone, and has lived to tell the tale— or, to be more precise, lived to face a wrongful death lawsuit conducted by the likes of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. It seems particularly unfair that the drunk drivers always seem to survive, but the innocent (sober) people involved in the alcohol-influenced collision lose their lives. 
There is some truth to the idea that being drunk makes a person more likely to survive bodily trauma, but this has not been definitively proven for drunk drivers specifically. The statistics are combined with all forms of trauma sustained while drunk, rather than just car accidents, so there’s no clear data proof of this commonly-held belief. However, what we do know is that drunk drivers can, and do, die as a result of the crashes they are involved in. One of the reasons we probably believe that drunk drivers are less likely to die is because it seems unfair when they survive and innocents are killed, and that injustice sticks in our minds. 
Why do people drive drunk? 
There’s no way of tracing this for the entire population, but common “reasons” include: 
  • Lack of choice; i.e. being out socializing and needing to get home, not wanting to leave their vehicle unattended overnight.
  • Not feeling like they are sufficiently compromised.
  • And, in some very bizarre cases, some people genuinely do believe they drive better when they’re drunk. This is, of course, false, but the idea persists.
What constitutes “drunk driving”? 
The absolute limit varies between states, but a blood alcohol content (BAC) of over 0.8% is the most common state limit. This is comparable with other countries such as the UK, but is actually 0.3% more than France, and a huge 0.6% higher than is allowed in Sweden. 
In conclusion
Hopefully the above has answered a few questions about drunk driving and, once again, affirmed your dedication to only driving a vehicle when you are stone cold sober.

May 10, 2018

How To Become A ‘Good Deed’ Person

Note: This post has been contributed.
It’s very easy for us to become stuck in our ways. Usually, it takes something major to shock us out of our apathy, because often this hidden sense of personal familiarity can prevent us from even noticing we’re stuck in our comfort zones. As the world around us moves, we can often stay relaxed and calm in our humble position, simply heading to work, forming ideas that our most comfortable and convenient for us, and generally stay this way for years.
However, for some people this idea is quite terrifying. For those that enjoy nurturing their adventuring spirit, there is always something amazing on the horizon. Even more impressive than this is the willingness to push forward and help people less privileged than yourself. Transitioning to a ‘good deed’ form of personal responsibility shouldn’t have to take the death of a relative or an unfortunate personal circumstance to seem appealing. You might find some permanent personal value when dedicating yourself to the following tasks:
Schedule Events
Of course, no charitable deed of any import is a disorganized mess. The very need for good work requires a form of administration to carry that task out. Without an organized approach, it’s easy for even the best intentions to fall to chaos, or to be so weak that they threaten to make things worse. This means sometimes, the ability to schedule events and rally people together about a common cause can help you truly achieve something wonderful. When you unify people with a collective vision, you can really keep the manpower to push for a positive change. This is a wonderful thing to experience, and can truly lend you some excellent insight of the power of positive thinking and action. This might mean organizing a recruiting drive, starting a petition, or generally protesting issues that are near and dear to your heart.
Work With Companies
There are a wide array of companies out there that can offer some truly wonderful remedies to the issues experienced today. Liaising with these companies as a company yourself, or merely as an individual can help you begin enacting change with an organization qualified and capable to make a positive difference. Often this is superior to grassroots change, because the money, quality and skillset involved is generally of a higher caliber.
 For example, using Harvey flood remodeling construction companies in Texas, equipped to handle the voluminous amount of water and commit the best work will always be better and more cost-effective than those simply helping by themselves, enacting solutions that could help in the short term, but aren’t built to last.
Spread Awareness
Lastly, spreading awareness about issues can be a helpful cause for change in itself. This might mean doing charity work such as running a race for a cause, utilizing social media to your advantage or even proudly wearing the emblem of a charity as part of your small business. If you are passionate enough about an issue that means something, you can be guaranteed that someone will listen.
With these tips, you are sure to become a good deed person, worthy of all they put their mind to.