April 30, 2008

It Changed My Life

People talk about "life-changing experiences" pretty casually. This trip to Greece changed my life. This book I read changed my life. Really? How are you living differently? These things may have altered your outlook, or you may have really enjoyed the experience, but did they truly alter your world view in a transformative way? What have you experienced that has truly CHANGED your life?

April 29, 2008

What is Wrong with these People?

Ever been driving, and get cut off just so the person can slow down once they get in front of you, and you throw your hands in the air and shout "What is Wrong with these People?" Exactly. There's a problem with the human condition. A problem with you. And with me. And we can all feel it.

April 28, 2008

I Just Figured Out Polygamy

First of all, polygamy only works in a theistic culture where marriage is required for sexual relations. Otherwise, you'd just commit adultery. So, let's say a guy falls in love and gets married. Then, one day, he sees another girl and is attracted to her. But, how can this be? He's married. UNLESS, God wants him to be with that girl, too. After all, he's "naturally" attracted to her. Only problem is, he still loves his first wife, and doesn't want to get divorced either. Wait a minute....I think I have an idea. And there you have it. But, what if your wife has similar "natural" feelings toward another man? Well, that's the devil, of course.

April 25, 2008

Ice Cream Man Music

I wonder if different songs would be more effective at attracting attention or promoting specific items? I mean, do Turkey in the Straw or The Entertainer really make you hungry for ice cream, or is just a Pavlov thing at this point? Similarly, if you threw a mariachi beat onto the song, do you think they'd sell more Choco Tacos?

April 24, 2008

Let’s Raise the Bar

I think human expectations for ourselves have gotten tremendously low. Sure, maybe you're not addicted to drugs. But aren't there failures of omission as well? If Michael Jordan thought training was too hard. If Mother Theresa thought poverty was gross. Let's raise the bar here, folks. We're tremendously capable, and yet, we seem to be too easily satisfied. Let's aim for something big. It'll be worth it.

April 23, 2008

Beat the Game

So, the black and orange wrapped candies at Halloween that old people give away have kind of gotten by as a joke, right? People buy them every year, mostly for nostalgia, but no one really likes them. That makes me realize that a product does not even have to be good to be a success. My goal now is to create a product WORSE than those orange and black so-called "peanut butter kisses" and become a billionaire.

April 22, 2008

The Most Dangerous Question

If we started hunting humans for sport, what would be the equivalent of a 12-point buck?

April 21, 2008

Humans are the Answer

Is there a population problem? If you believe over-population is a problem, then don't you also have to believe that you are more valuable to the world dead than alive? Humans are the solution - not the problem. It will be human innovation that comes up with the solution to our resource problems. Not a child-limit mandate.

April 18, 2008

3 Question Friday

Answer in order. Pause before continuing. 1) Is someone who says lying is wrong, and then lies, a hypocrite? 2) Is someone who says prostitution is wrong, and then hires a prostitute, a hypocrite? 3) If you have different answers to the first two questions, is that only because we don't want to think of ourselves as hypocrites?

April 17, 2008

We All Need Counseling

"You go to a personal trainer? Wow, you must be really fat." That statement doesn't happen. People are usually encouraged by their peers to continue on their quest for health. So, why are people embarrassed to say that they see a counselor or therapist? Everyone goes to school. After formal education, most people continue learning through classes, reading on their own, self-help seminars and church. No one thinks they magically get brilliant by themselves. Yet, there's a stigma against getting help dealing with personal or relation struggles. Let's stop it. Everyone SHOULD see a counselor. We're all freak shows.