September 28, 2007

Getting the Gray

Have you ever noticed that economic majors tend to understand political issues better than anyone else? I think it's because they are forced to identify all of the different results of a particular decision. For example, Argument: Raising the minimum wage will raise the quality of life for thousands of families in this country. Rebuttal: No, raising the minimum wage will cause unemployment for thousands of families in this country. Mr. Economist, what say you? Their answer...yes. It's not this black and white, total good or total bad decision. Every political decision has multiple layers of consequences, and it's an economist's job to understand all of the ramifications, and choose the greatest good. While this decision is still subjective, it's much more rational than how the majority of Americans base their political stances. And frankly, I'm dying for an economist to show up and take their place in this political battle.

September 27, 2007

The Political Problem with Protectionism

Protectionism is the concept of securing American jobs/industries by raising tariffs on competitive import goods. This is a temporary solution that ignores the inevitability of globalization, and is one of the only policies that ALL economists are adamantly against. Because, simply put, the good that it does for those people in that industry is FAR outweighed by the higher costs that ALL Americans have to pay for the goods from this industry we're protecting. Typically, Republicans have been on the "economist" side of policy, which often comes across as "uncompassionate". But, a few years ago, Bush introduced a tariff on foreign steel to protect the ridiculously struggling American steel industry. Why? All economists agree that this is wrong. But, steel industry employee who have to switch to a different manufacturing job would be angry at Bush if he didn't create the tariff, and American citizens won't really think about the fact that they're paying this increased price for a commodity because of this political action. So, staying in power is always more important than doing what you know to be right. That's the lesson for the day.

September 26, 2007

Personality Mirroring

Why do I behave differently around different groups of people? Why does my humor become more depraved around my male friends? Why do I alter my slang at my predominantly black church? Why do I try to act like a pure intellectual around my father? Are these just all different facets of my authentic self that come out when around people with similar facets? Or am I just a big fat faker?

September 25, 2007

Jesus DNA

So, what kind of DNA might Jesus have had? There are several theories. An early thought of mine was to discount the idea that Joseph's DNA could have been a part of it, since that just wouldn't make sense. But, an immaculate conception doesn't really make "sense" either. But, the works of Jesus, his resurrection, and the historical record gives us great evidence to believe in it. So, what are the options? Mary's mitochondria with God's Y chromosome? Would this Y chromosome have resembled Adam's, also created directly from God in the image of God. Was the redeemer of the world a 1/2 blood twin of the first fallen man? Any other options?

September 24, 2007

Obvious Sexist Rant

I recently wondered why guys don't really get catty with other guys. Perhaps this is obvious, but here's my thought. Guys don't understand that girls wouldn't want them, so they don't even understand the threat that another guy possesses to them. While girls are overly concerned and paranoid regarding female threats, and overreact against them. So, are there reasons for this? Or are we all just stupid? Perhaps men are considered desirable for multiple reasons, while women are considered desirable primarily (at least initially) based on aesthetics. So, we have this dude who's ugly as sin, but thinks to himself, "I'm hysterical!" Whereas, we have a brilliant, talented, considerate women who thinks to herself, "I should lose 6 pounds!"

September 20, 2007

For Fans of “The Office”

During this season of 'The Office', NBC is having a contest on There are several different virtual branches, and they will be competing against each other. I have applied as Regional Branch Manager for the Schaumburg, IL branch (virtually the only available branch in the MidWest) to represent the TWSS podcast. For those of you interested in competing against other online branches, visit and register as a regular employee of the Schamburg, IL branch using the password, 74gtynbdl9 There are many regional manager applicants for each branch, and they will be choosing one by next week. So, if I am not chosen, we will still all be on the same branch, working under a different regional manager. Hope you can play! Should be fun!

September 20, 2007

A Smile Does It

So, after a year of going to the same healthclub in the mornings before work, I still don't know anybody. Partially because everyone's kind of tired in the morning, and partially because I don't like the idea of starting up conversations when males are undressing quite close to me. But, I've seen a lot of the same faces for over a year now, and I've made up personalities for these people in my least, I've determined whether or not I like them. After thinking about this, I realized that there is a huge correlation between those people that smile (look happy) and whether or not I like them. So, if this true of strangers, think of how important smiling must be to succeed in other venues/relationships where actual human interaction takes place.

September 19, 2007

The Cosby Show

Heathcliff Huxtable. Claire Huxtable. Sandra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, Rudi...Huxtable. What show were these characters all on? The Cosby Show. Why wasn't it called, "The Huxtables"? Ok, you lose the Cosby name recognition. Then, why didn't they keep the last name? Ok, 'cause that would be weird since they weren't his real family. But, you know what's weirder? Having the Cosby Show be full of Huxtables. And what's weirder is that I never really thought of that before.

September 18, 2007

The Endless Pursuit for Hilarity

Recently, Senator Larry Craig was arrested for soliciting male prostitution in a Minnesota airport's bathroom by tapping his foot and waving his hand underneath the stall divider of a known place for obtaining these services. A couple of days after this was made public, I decided to be hysterical. I was in the bathroom at work, and saw a pair of shoes in the next stall over. There's only about 60 people at my company, so I sort of know everybody, and I decided to tap my foot near the divider, hoping for a laugh. None came. So, I figured he just hadn't heard the story of Senator Craig. Later that week, people at work were discussing the incident with the Senator, and I told them about my hilarious efforts. They thought I was joking until I was able to convince them I was serious. The group was horrified. They think that now, whoever that guy was in the stall (i don't know who it is) is probably terrified of me. And they all pretty much think I'm a psycho for thinking that would be funny. I still stick to my thought that he just must not have heard the Senator's story. For those of you who know the story, in a semi-private place where you sort of know everybody, would this have made you laugh?

September 17, 2007

E-Ching For the Day:

"Wisdom has very little to do with intelligence."